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Florence Italy Wedding // Isa & Paul

From the Bride:

“It is often said you don’t control where or when you will meet the love of your life. Our story is a perfect example of such a fate. We were both headed to Raleigh for different reasons on two different days when destiny intervened. Paul’s original flight was scheduled for Monday. My flight was scheduled for Tuesday at 7:30am. However, Paul’s flight was cancelled and pushed to Tuesday at 9:50am. In the meantime, my flight was also cancelled and switched to the 9:50am flight.

No matter how much I tried, I could not switch seats. I had originally been upgraded but was now booked in the last row window seat. I must have called Delta a million times and even went to the lounge and talked to the gate agent. They all said that was the only seat available. Little did I know that Paul was last row middle seat :).

According to Paul, I didn’t look very happy as I was walking down the aisle to my seat . I, of course, deny this. Paul was sitting in the aisle seat when I got there and kindly moved for me to be able to enter the row and sit. He stayed in the aisle seat to give me some space. I randomly looked at him and said: I really hope whoever is sitting in the middle isn’t someone stinky. Paul smiled at me and said, actually that’s my seat and proceeded to sit down next to me. We spent the entire flight talking and before we knew it, we had arrived in Raleigh. We both left, eagerly awaiting when we would see each other again.

Paul and I both love to travel. DId I mentioned we met on a plane? ;) My dream was also to get married in Europe so a destination wedding just made sense. Europe, to us, has always had a special place in our hearts, especially to me. Nothing excels more romance than walking around a European city. The architecture, the vibe, the decor, everything just screams romance and intimacy, even if you are surrounded by a crowd of thousands. It is just a place that makes you feel like you are in your own little bubble of love. We initially looked for hotels in Barcelona since my family is from there but we couldn’t find what we were looking for. We decided to hop over to Florence since we had read about the Four Seasons hotel there. We couldn’t have found a more perfect location. The hotel is located within a ten minute walk from the city center and also has the biggest private garden in Florence. It was just perfect. The private garden helped us create that intimate/romantic feeling we were looking for and the location, with its proximity to the city, was perfect to entertain all the guests. The service of the Four Seasons staff was also exceptional AND we got to work with a michelin star chef! Who wouldn’t want that?! :)

Once we had the venue selected, everything started to fall into place. Google became my best friend for searching vendors. Because it is an international wedding, I had to rely a lot on internet searches and I needed that “visual connection” with vendors when I browsed their galleries/blogs. We were looking for a style that was romantic, elegant, and classy. We only have 37 guests so the style/vibe of the wedding was very important to us to make it memorable and to capture its essence.

Finding vendors like Elysium Productions that had already filmed at the Four Seasons Florence was like adding that top cherry to the cake. For photography, we expanded our search to Rome and found the amazing Rochelle Cheever. Her pictures just melted our hearts. You can see emotions through her pictures which is exactly what we were looking for.”

Want to see more?  Check out Isa & Paul’s feature on Every Last Detail :)


yourfriendinitaly - All feeling of our heart get away towards our life partner and we can not able to control our feeling at the time of marriage we can present our feeling towards our life partner. It is the best movement of our life.

Devil’s Thumb Ranch Wedding // Lacy & Mark

Lacy & Mark have been together for several years and it was time to get hitched!  Where better to do this than Devil’s Thumb Ranch in my home state of Colorado?  I mean really?  Check this highlights out because to be quite honest… this was a PERFECT day for filming.   The timing was amazing, the weather gorgeous, and the people and speeches…awesome.  Oh and the moon!!  Seriously… one of my favorite shots of all time occurred during the couple’s first dance!!

The Team:

Venue: Devil’s Thumb Ranch
Wedding Coordinator:  Love This Day Events
Photographer: Otto Schultz
Cinematographer: Elysium Productions


charlie - Adorable shots, the bride look gorgeous!

Montage Laguna Beach Wedding // Erika & David

Check out this gorgeous wedding we filmed earlier this year at one of our favorite OC venues: Montage Laguna Beach!  Erika & David met while studying abroad in Melbourne, Australia (how romantic!) And they’ve been together ever since!

The Team:

Venue: Montage Laguna Beach
Wedding Coordinator: Paula Laskelle
Photographer: Marianne Lozano
Cinematographer: Elysium Productions
Floral Designer: Nisie’s Enchanted Florist
DJ:  Vive Inc


rebecca - My son is getting married April 25th, 2015. I would like a quote for 8 hrs of coverage. Thank you, Rebecca 562 395 2009

Healdsburg Wedding // Nicole & Brad // Napa Wedding Videographer

Mix together a gorgeous setting amongst gigantic redwoods with a couple who has incredible style and you have one amazing wedding!  Check out Nicole & Brad’s totally beautiful event. These two are just awesome.

the Team:

Venue: Private estate in Healdsburg, CA
Wedding Planner/Designer: Enjoy Events
Photographer: Larissa Cleveland
Cinematographer: Elysium Productions
Floral Designer: Shotgun Floral
Hair & Makeup: Winc Artistry


Stephanie Mann - Wonderful Video! Thanks for sharing…Loved experiencing such a beautiful wedding all over again! Looking forward to seeing all the pictures.

susan - what a magical wedding… so awesome to see you two together. the video is perfect!

Lil lo - The tears are flowing! Best video EVER. Such an amazing day and I feel blessed to have been a part of it. Congrats Mr. & Mrs Holden!!! Xoxo

Christine Wu - Oooooh my GOSH! This is honestly the best wedding video I’ve seen yet! I have tears in my eyes… AGAIN from your wedding. Beautiful lighting. Lovely footage. Stunning bride. Thanks for sharing, Nicki P… er, Nicki P Holden. Can’t wait for the pictures!!!

Casey Budde - In tears all over again. What a great way to remember how beautiful your love is and was that very amazing day. It COULD NOT have been more perfect! So happy you have this for the rest of your lives to watch as many times as you want. Love you both! xo Mrs. B

Blowing Rock Wedding // Lanier & Scott // North Carolina Videographer

Scott and Lanier first met on a blind date in September 2011. What was supposed to be a casual dinner in Annapolis, MD turned into a five hour long conversation that only ended when their server gently informed them that the restaurant had closed.

“We need you to leave,” she whispered.

Scott and Lanier looked up to find everyone had not only left, but the chairs and tables had been stacked up and pushed to the side. They had been so caught up in their discussion that they had not noticed a thing. Needless to say, it was a one-of-a-kind first date.

The distance between Towson, MD (Scott’s home) and Old Town, Alexandria (where Lanier lives) is exactly 60 miles. This would present the only hurdle in Scott’s decision to pursue his future wife. Luckily, as it turns out, the desire to spend time together outweighed the frustration of DC traffic.

For a year Scott intentionally pursued Lanier. From lacrosse games, to BBQ festivals, to quiet evenings with their two dogs, to road trips, to weekends in Chapel Hill (God’s country), to one spectacular vacation in Blowing Rock…the relationship progressed to the point that Scott knew, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that Lanier was the woman with whom he wanted to spend the rest of his life. In fact, when asked when he knew without question that he wanted to propose, Scott says the decision was made in Blowing Rock.

On November 9, (Lanier’s final day of work in the Capitol building) Lanier asked Scott to help her move the last of her things out of the office. Scott agreed, but he had other plans. In front of the Capitol dome, with tourists applauding, Scott dropped to one knee and asked Lanier to be his wife. He told her that he did not want her to leave the building without a promise for her future. Once Lanier recovered from the total shock, she, of course, said yes.

The Team:

Wedding Venue: Crestwood Inn and Resort, Blowing Rock, North Carolina
Design + Planning: Ivy Robinson
Floral: John Lupton and Andrew Thomas
Cake: The Art of Cake
Band: The Party Crashers
Makeup + Hair: Jami Svay
Videography: Elysium Productions
Wedding Photography: Jasmine Star – See her blog post here


charlie - Incredible shots, the couple look amazing. great job!