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Stone Manor Wedding // Kate & Shawn

From the bride:

“Shawn and I are young and love to have fun, we have a great group of friends and goofy families, so our main concern was to have a fun, entertaining, yet classy wedding. The wedding brought out the crafty side of me, I made almost everything at the wedding including the invitations. My style is rustic & glamorous. A lot of inspiration was from MANY hours on pinterest, tons of bridal magazines and the Vogue wedding book.”


Venue: Stone Manor
Wedding Planner: Cassandra Santor
Cinematographer: Elysium Productions
Photographer: Picotte Photography
Floral Designer: Holly Flora



Jamaica Wedding // Lauren & Daniel

From the bride:

“Daniel and I met three days after I moved from Nashville, Tennessee to St. Petersburg, Florida. I had moved there to grow my quickly expanding online marketing company, and he had moved there a month before after falling in love with St. Pete from visiting friends who lived there.

It was 3 a.m. and I had just gotten home from hanging out with some new friends and my adorable dog, Bella, needed to go outside before I went to bed. I put her on her leash and took the elevator downstairs. When I opened the door to let her out, I wasn’t paying enough attention and before I knew it was tripping over a little black dog! I looked up and there was Daniel. He was gracious and after we made sure his dog, Chance, was alright, he quickly picked up the conversation. We talked about how I had just moved to St. Pete and about how the security at our apartment was like Fort Knox. Daniel suavely suggested that I should give him my number because he had already had multiple friends accidentally lock themselves out of the building, and he didn’t want that to happen to me. Typically I wouldn’t have given it to him, but his logic was impeccable and I obliged. We said goodnight and went back to our separate apartments.

Little did I know then, that Daniel didn’t go back to his apartment. Instead he rushed to visit one of his best friends, Rich, to tell him he had just met the woman he was going to marry.

The next day, he texted me and invited me out to a Rays game with a group of his friends, and the rest is history.

Daniel and I love to travel. We were in Jamaica at Sunset at the Palms last September, and we both adored the place. It was the first destination we had been together that we both knew we wanted to come back to. While we were enjoying cocktails and watching the sunset at Rick’s Cafe, we saw a huge white catamaran gliding off into the sunset and we decided that Jamaica was where we wanted to tie the knot.

Once we had decided on the place, the planning process began! Ever since I was small when my family went on vacation, we always went sailing, so a nautical theme was a natural choice. First things first, we found a company that rented catamarans and were were blessed to find our amazing wedding planner through them. After that, things started falling in place.

With a little bit of luck, we assembled a top notch crew of vendors for the big day. For us, the ceremony was very important, so we shipped in our priest, Father Joe, from New York City. He had preformed the ceremony for Daniel’s cousin’s wedding in January, and he was, quite simply put, amazing.

To capture our special day for all of eternity, we flew in our partner and friend, Brandi Morris, of Brandi Image Photography. She works with us and my company Symphoni, as our go-to photographer, but specializes in wedding photography. Originally, we did not plan on doing videography, but after seeing a friend’s wedding video done by Elysium, we knew we couldn’t live without it.”


Venue: Catamaran & Private Island provided by The Glass Slipper
Wedding Planner: The Glass Slipper
Cinematographer: Elysium Productions
Photographer: Brandi Morris
Bridal Gown: Lazarro


San Diego Wedding // Josie & Josh

From the bride:

“We met in college and became best friends for the next year and half. We sat next to each other in a political science class which ended up sparking our great friendship. Josh had tried numerous times to ask me out, but I did not want to compromise our friendship. We both weren’t in the right life stages.

That summer, I headed to New York City for an internship and the second weekend I was there, Josh went out to visit me in the Big Apple. We had a great weekend exploring the city and the NYC nightlife.  Our friendship continued to grow as we talked all summer and then Josie headed off to Spain for the next semester. Even with the great distance, we used Skype to talk as often as we could and on Josie’s birthday that November, Josh was the only person who actually called me in Spain to wished me a Happy Birthday. I was back in San Diego for the holidays and Josh was anxious to see me and flew out for a visit over the winter break.

January found us both back at Colorado State University and our friendship by then was more than casual—the two had become best friends. We found themselves spending as much time as possible together and finally, we both realized that their relationship was deeper than a friendship. So on Valentine’s Day, Josh took me on our first “official” date: a night hike up to Horsetooth Reservoir with a space heater, a bottle of wine, and sushi. The rest is history in the making….”


Venue: L’Auberge Del Mar
Cinematographer: Elysium Productions
Photographer: Kevin Connors
Florist: Adelena Whittaker
Band: Wayne Foster


South Carolina Wedding // Olivia & Jack

Jack and Olivia have known each other since the age of 8. Olivias father was Jack’s peanut football coach and Olivia was a peanut football cheerleader. They were middle school sweethearts. They dated on and off throughout high school and college. Finally they stopped being stubborn and let fate take its course. And here they are, preparing for their dream wedding and a long life of love with one another.

Olivia began researching wedding planners and had her heart set on Soiree by Tara Guerard. She had seen some of Tara’s work and knew that this was who could make her dream wedding happen in only 4 short months. Olivia trusted Tara’s expertise and let her take care of vendors. After talking to Olivia, Tara knew exactly what Olivia had pictured for her big day. Olivia wanted a traditional church wedding with a fun tented reception, each with the romantic fairytale feel.

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the TEAM:

Ceremony: The First Baptist Church of Charleston
Venue:  Runnymeade Plantation
Wedding Designer: Soiree by Tara Guerard
Photographer: Adriene Page


Orange County Wedding // Megan & Brian

From the Bride:

“Brian and I have a love story that only God could write. We think it’s better than any Hollywood movie or romance novel. It is a story about loss, sacrifice, searching, patience and redemption. Brian and I met on a blind date on September 16, 2012. It truly was love at first sight. Sitting across the dinner table from each other we knew almost immediately that this date was different. We knew what was happening was beyond our own scope of understanding. We were falling in love and it was only date one.

A little back story: I had been on so many first dates that I actually wrote a book about my experience. Brian had taken a year long dating hiatus after a difficult divorce and many bad dates. We had both reached a point in our lives where we had become very picky daters and were determined to wait for God’s best. Brian focused all his energy on raising his three boys, working full time for Caterpillar, and volunteering at his church. I was busy teaching history to high school students, spending time with friends and family and also volunteering at the very same church. And it was because of that church, we finally met.

We were set up by our pastor, a man that we both knew well and admired. He had known us separately for three years, but was waiting on the Lord to reveal the right time to introduce us. We had no idea how God was working behind the scenes. In the same fall that my dating book was published and Brian got divorced, God began to direct our steps towards each other and we did not even know it. Now we are living a love story that we can hardly believe is true. But it is. And it’s ours.”


Wedding Planner:  High Society Wedding & Events
Reception Venue: Mission Viejo Country Club
Photgrapher: Mary Rosenbaum
Band: Rembrandt
Floral Designer: Rogers Gardens


Carol Ann Dunn - Here’s the wedding video.