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Beverly Hills Hotel Wedding // Ashley & Casey

I realize I just posted another wedding with 16mm film, but I’m kind of obsessed with it!  Check out Ashley & Casey’s Highlights that features some of this beautiful medium mixed with our HD digital.  This wedding was stunning!

Ceremony:  All Saints Episcopal Church
Reception Venue:  Beverly Hills Hotel
Wedding Designer: Lindsay Coral Harper
Wedding Planner:  Jeannie from Details Details
Floral Designer: Nisie’s Enchanted Florist
Photographer: Samuel Lippke
Cinematographer: Elysium Productions




Austin, Texas Wedding // Sam & Sam

Yes… Samantha meets Sam and the fairytale begins!  We were so excited to work with Jacin from Lovely Little Details on this one and especially to shoot more 16mm film!  (ps.  Austin is a pretty rad city!) Oh and check out the Bride’s amazing Style Blog:  The Peak of Tres Chic

From the Bride:

​Labor Day 2011 is where it all began. I (Girl Sam) was enjoying a “staycation” with girlfriends at Hotel Zaza in Houston, TX. On Labor Day Monday, around 3 pm, my girlfriends and I thought we would catch the last few hours of sun before ending their weekend. Meanwhile, boy Sam had just landed in Houston from Australia to begin a new job at Macquarie Energy the following day. His apartment wasn’t quite ready, so he decided to shack up at Hotel Zaza for a few days. Jet lagged, all he wanted to do was go to sleep. But he wanted to get his body clock on track for his new job, so he decided to go lounge by the hotel pool.

When Sam walked out to the pool to look for a lounge chair, I spotted him from afar and thought he was very attractive. Fatefully, the only available lounge chair poolside with any sun exposure was right next to me. He hesitantly sat down, and then began to strike up casual conversation with me. Being new to town, Sam didn’t even have a cell phone at this point. After an hour or so of chatting, he asked me to write down my phone number on a spare scrap of paper. I have horrible handwriting, so Sam misread the number when trying to get in contact with me and texted the wrong person! Thinking he had been blown off, he was embarrassed. But, he managed to track her down via good ol’ Facebook, thanks to the fact that I wrote my first AND last name down when sharing my phone number. Of course I was stoked when added me on Facebook only 7 hours after meeting (isn’t modern technology great?!). We talked on the phone a few times, and then Sam asked me out on a proper date a few weeks later. We went to a sushi spot in Midtown Houston, and I was sold when Sam let it slip over edamame and sake that he was an ‘old-fashioned romantic.’

Who would have thought a girl from Oklahoma and a boy from Sydney, Australia would end up finding each other? Having had his palm read at an 8 year-old friend’s birthday party, Sam was told he would one day marry a girl from a foreign country. I had traveled to Sydney before with my family and fell in love with the city instantly. Maybe it wasn’t so far-fetched, then, that we would find each other eventually. Having fallen in love in Texas, a place neither of us are natives of, set the scene for a beautiful proposal a year and a half after we met.

The Proposal:

On a Sunday in May 2013, I was excited to meet Sam for dinner at Torchy’s Tacos- one of our favorite Houston taco joints. After eating, we decided to go back to my house to relax and watch a movie. Having taken separate cars to the restaurant, I was kind of confused when Sam literally ran from dinner to his car and sped off. Nonetheless, I took my time getting home. When I walked up the stairs to our living room, I was surprised to see beautiful tea candles and rose petals leading up my spiral staircase. I followed the trail up all 5 flights of stairs to the roof-top patio. When I walked out on to the patio, Sam was standing there waiting for me, surrounded by more rose petals and candles. He started to tell me how much he had fallen in love with me and why he wanted to continue our life together as a married couple. He explained to me that he picked my rooftop patio to propose because it overlooked downtown Houston, the city we had fallen in love in. Although we are from 2 very different places, fate had led us to Texas to meet.

It only makes sense, then, that we chose Texas as the place where we would unite our two families.. A place we have both fallen in love with, along with each other.

The Team:

Venue:  Green Pastures Restaurant
Floral Designer/Planner:  Lovely Little Details
Photographer: The Nichols
Hair: Katie Sullivan at Azur West Salon
Makeup: Kristin Daniell
Bride getting ready location: Hotel St. Cecilia


Tuscany Wedding // Lotus & Tony

From the bride (ps. this was BEFORE she knew about the surprise fireworks Tony had planned!)
“Tony and I met through a mutual friend, Gary. He suggested to each of us that he thought we might be a good pair. In modern day dating, that means googling their name and checking out Facebook. I love when Tony tells the story and he says how Gary showed him a picture of me and exclaimed unequivocally, ‘Yes, I want to meet her!’

After several favorable email exchanges, we decided to continue our conversations in person. The always chivalrous Tony chose one of my favorite restaurants, AOC, which was just a few blocks away from his home, but very far from mine. Nonetheless, he drove up Laurel Canyon and picked me up like a proper, romantic date. It didn’t take long for us to realize we had similar passions — food, friends, family, food and more food. Not that we needed it, but sharing favorite restaurants was a superb excuse to see each other over and over again.

Bless Tony. He is a producer at work and a producer at heart, so he produced our wedding. Since we had a destination wedding in Cortona, Italy, we were fortunate to find Ben Singleton at Italy Weddings to ease the process. He had access and history with a selection of fantastic vendors. And it wasn’t so hard to get the romantic, Italian countryside feel since Italians in the countryside seem to specialize in romance!”


The Team:

Venue: Il Falconiere
Wedding Coordinator: Ben Singleton at Italy Weddings
Cinematographer: Elysium Productions


Smog Shoppe Wedding // Theresa & Chris

From the bride:

“We met at work, where our offices are right next to each other. Things started casually – we’d ask each other questions and bounce ideas off each other. We quickly found that we were a great team and shared a lot of late night laughs. One thing lead to another, and here we are today!

To get ready for the wedding, we basically just followed our instincts and chose stuff we liked. We loved the succulent walls at the SmogShoppe and the “Alice in Wonderland” feeling it has. Once we settled on Smog Shoppe, most things ended up falling into place. Two of our vendors got married at SmogShoppe, and most of them work with the SmogShoppe often. Everyone was familiar with each other, which made the planning process super friendly.

We wanted the wedding to be classic, elegant, a little weird (like us), but most importantly, fun. We put together most of the details ourselves, with lots of help from friends and family. The bow ties were made by our friend’s company, The Accents Shop. The groomsmen’s tuxes were made by a local shop in Long Beach, The Academy.”

The Team:

Venue: Smog Shoppe
Photographer: Sweet Little Photographs
Cinematographer: Elysium Productions



Aspen Wedding // Desi & Brandon

From the bride:

“Brandon and I met about 10 years ago (sometime in August 2003) on a tiny island in the Bahamas called Cat Cay. Our families often vacationed there but we’d didn’t cross paths until that summer when Brandon came up to me in Bu’s Bar (the only little bar on the island). He was attending Tulane University and I was still in high school but we decided to keep in touch and exchanged “AIM screen names”. Over the years we ran into each other on South Beach a few times but the timing never seemed right to date.

Then, in August 2008, I parted ways with my ex boyfriend while studying abroad in London and Brandon insisted on going on a date the minute I came back home to Miami. We had our first official date on South Beach at Bond Street and we clicked right away. After 2 years of dating, I went to NYC to attend law school but we stayed together in a long distance relationship for 1.5 years.

On November 26, 2011, I was still living in NYC but apartment hunting in South Beach when Brandon asked me to marry him. Of course I said yes. I moved back to Miami and we decided to get married in beautiful Aspen where we fell in love but we engraved Cat Cay’s coordinates inside our wedding rings to always keep that special place close to us.”


Ceremony Venue: Little Nell’s Wedding Deck
Reception Venue: Hotel Jerome
Wedding Planner: Bluebird Production
Cinematographer: Elysium Productions
Photographer: Robin Proctor
Floral Designer: Harrington Smith