• Elysium Productions are premier, internationally known wedding videographers who provide stunning cinematic records of one of the biggest days of your life. Based in Los Angeles, they are available for a limited number of wedding videography commissions each year and shoot destination weddings the world over.

Investing in an Elysium Film

Hi!  If you landed on this page it’s probably because you want to find out how much an Elysium film costs… right?  No problem!  We’ll be happy to meet/chat with you to discuss all the options.  However, we want to make sure you know upfront that we price our packages about the same as a very reputable / experienced photographer.  Our couple’s normally budget the same for both photo and video as they see them as equally important.

We know you’re probably viewing a ton of highlights online.  They all start to look the same after awhile, right?  We hear ya.  That’s where we come in.  The meat of our packages is in the full film… the comprehensive and cinematic part.  Sure — anyone can create a slick looking highlights or trailer but our unobtrusive and comprehensive style of shooting + our 100+ hours of editing in our signature style results in an Elysium branded film… one that is totally unique to you and will be literally one of the most valuable assets you will take with you after the wedding.


Have you ever experienced an extremely important event just to wish afterwards that there was a high quality record of it?  Maybe your fiance’s proposal is a blur, or a surprise party in your honor, or a big accomplishment such as a graduation.  The longer the time between those event and now, the more valuable a high-quality recording of them becomes.  Just like an actual investment account, your wedding film will become more valuable over time.  It may seem unreasonable to spend so much time researching and questioning every cinematographer right now (especially when you are really busy) but 30 years from now, perhaps when your grandchildren watch your wedding film, it will be worth it’s weight in gold – right up there with your photographs which is why we are priced similarly to very experienced and well respected photographers.  That is why we don’t cut corners or undercut to book jobs.  Our couples realize this investment and we won’t sacrifice quality for them.

YOUR WEDDING WILL ONLY HAPPEN ONCE.  It’s too risky to miss moments or produce sub-par work just to save our production costs.  We just won’t do it.  Sure…  if weddings happened all the time like birthday parties or holidays we’d probably do things differently but a wedding is just too important.  We go with our gut on this and our clients tell us that their Elysium film was the best investment of their wedding.  We know we are doing things right when we hear comments like this.

We don’t list our package pricing here for the simple reason that we are commissioned by couples all over the globe.  Our packages obviously vary based on your wedding location.  Our local markets are Southern California and the New York area but seriously… we go anywhere.  Don’t be scared to contact us… even if your wedding is happening in an igloo in the Arctic Circle.

STILL INTERESTED?  Awesome! Well let’s set up a Skype or in person meeting.  We will go over all of our package options at that time and email you everything in writing when finished.  To get the ball rolling, click HERE.

OR:  email info@elysiumproductions.com