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It’s always so special to work with the same family. We filmed Alyssa’s Sister’s wedding a few years ago so we were so excited to be back for her & Nick’s! The decor on this one was pretty insane. Alyssa was inspired by a garden she saw in Italy so Jeannie from Details Details & Nisie’s Enchanted Florist made it happen on the beautiful Terranea lawn as well as the ballroom. Thank you Alyssa & Nick for allowing us to be a part of your amazing day! Check out their Same Day Edit!

The Team:

Venue: Terranea
Wedding Planner: Jeannie from Details Details
Photographer: Victor Sizemore
Floral Designer: Nisie’s Enchanted Florist
Cinematography:  Elysium Productions

Kelly & Tan, together with their wedding planner Carolyn Chen, created a totally gorgeous wedding and celebration!  The best part?  They even had a full-on choir and orchestra (50 piece!) to make their ceremony that much more dramatic.  The groom actually wrote and arranged the pieces!  So cool!!  I will probably blog this later but for now, thought I’d share their Same Day Edit.  Enjoy!!!

Venue:  Montage Beverly Hills
Wedding Planner:  Carolyn Chen
Floral Designer: Nisie’s Enchanted Florist
Hair & Makeup:  Joyce Luck Style
Cinematography: Elysium Productions
Gown Designer: Vera Wang
Photographer:  Samuel Lippke
Band:  Midnight Special from West Coast Music

Time for a much needed blog update!!  And this one definitely deserves to be blogged.  You see… it has everything we love about weddings:  An awesome couple totally in love, personal vows, dogs!, incredible decor, and an awesome team of professionals to work with.

Check out their Same Day Edit which debuted at the after party (which was awesome because we could include some footage of the reception other than just the 1st dance).  And yes… we filmed a bit with a drone.  Super geeky but it results in awesome footage :)

Congrats Brianna & Peter!!

Venue:  Ojai Valley Inn & Spa
Wedding Planner:  Laurie Arons
Floral Designer: Mindy Rice
Hair & Makeup:  TEAM Hair & Makeup
Cinematography: Elysium Productions
Gown Designer: Vera Wang
Photographer:  Aaron Delesie
Custom Paper Products:  Julie Song Ink
Band:  Cowling Band from West Coast Music

I really don’t know where to start with this wedding because there is SO MUCH to share.  So here it goes.  Meagan is friends with several of our fabulous past couples and of course we were super stoked (yes I still use that word) to be invited to Spain to cover her and Conrad’s incredible destination wedding.  Actually it was more like an event.  Scratch that… eventS.  From the moment we arrived, there were so many things to film & timelapse.  Just around the city of Sevilla alone, we had one of the largest Cathedrals in Europe, a 14th century palace, and beautiful architecture everywhere.  It was ridiculous.  Sevilla is amazing and if you haven’t been there, book a ticket.  Like right now.

When you watch the SDE (yes we did a Same Day Edit… in Spain) you’ll notice that it starts with an event that took place in a bull fighting ring.  That would be their rehearsal dinner.  Yep.  The couple planned an opportunity for their (hilarious and fun) bridal party (well mainly the guys) to “fight” a baby bull.  These “matadors” (eh-hem) did a fabulous job and definitely entertained the crowd.  What followed next was a Gypsy wedding which (of course) started with the bride being kidnapped and the groom saving her.  duh.  The couple exchanged their personal vows here which was just awesome.

The next day was the BIG day.  The Catholic ceremony in a crazy old European churches with priceless artwork.  The wedding day style was BEYOND.  Check out all the bridal party dresses and of course the bride herself.  So gorgeous.  The groom in his blue tux wasn’t bad either!  We were able to take photos around Sevilla (&  Real Alcazar) and then it was off to the reception at an Olive Ranch (Orchard?? Farm?? ah!! Mill!!)  The details we included in this SDE is about 1/4 of how many their were.  It was STUN-NING.  Everything about this event was major eye candy.  The best part… the bride and groom infused THEIR personality into the entire event.  Of course there were traditions, but everything was spun with originality and their personality in mind… and of course with a twist of Gypsy/Moroccan/Spain.  LOVE.

Photographer:  Leila Brewster
Church: La Caridad
Reception: Hacienda Los Molinillos

From the bride:

“My Mom was born for this type of thing. Before we were officially engaged, she had already arranged to visit four prospective venues, checked Jeannie’s (from Details Details) availability, and had a primary list of invitees drafted. Scott, being the smart guy he is, let me know he liked whatever I did, and would help whenever he was needed. We knew we wanted something beautiful and awe-inspiring, while still being the most fun, and party-filled wedding possible. From there, me, my sisters, and mom, set out on a mission. First, we visited a few venues, and knew Pelican Hill was perfect right when we stepped on site. From there came Jeannie. She planned my older sister’s wedding and did a spectacular job. Jeannie had a great idea of what we were looking for and suggested a few vendors who were a perfect fit. Victor Sizemore, our photographer, was a no-brainer, as he is from and living in Kentucky, and had that mid-west connection with Scott (who is born and raised in Lincoln, Nebraska). When deciding our floral vendors, Sunny from White Lilac, won me over with ideas for a hanging instillation, combining gold, textures and florals, and their shared love for the same Balmain dress. She got it. From there, Linda Goldsheft, our cake expert, Elysium for video, Berit from Makeup by Berit, famed hairstylist Lois Kinsey, the live quartet Angelica Strings and Dj Stylez each fit the exact mold we were looking for: the best at what they do, and the most fun to be around!”

Check out their Same Day Edit: