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Well, if you are a fan of our Rock ‘n Roll SAME DAY EDITS, then I don’t want to leave you hangin… here’s another AMAZING ONE for you to view!!  Ella and Sam were married this past Saturday at the Langham, Pasadena.  They had a “Movie Awards” themed wedding so it only made sense that they would make themselves and their wedding party into total rock stars on the wedding day!  When the couple picked the song I was literally jumping out of my seat!!!!!

So when you’re watching this, you’re probably wondering how the video turned out so great when we had only 8 hours to film and edit it?? Well it took some planning on my part to watch the music video and pre-produce the graphics, etc.  but it was mainly because we had an awesome wedding coordinator working with us (Carolyn Chen of the Special Day) who made sure that we had enough time to get our “takes” (including one right after the ceremony with the guests participating) and even helped us figure out the best locations, etc.  She even hooked us up with the photo-booth company who got us the “step-and-repeat” photos to include in the edit!

Ella and Sam… what can I say…  You guys seriously rocked it and so did your crew!!!  Congratulations!!

Check out these two rockstars. Rebecca & Kevin (mainly Kevin LOL) did a great job with the lyrics to one of my favorite songs ever!! As you probably know by now if you read our blog often, this is a special type of SDE where the couple gets to perform a few times during the day, and then we roll out this music video to their guests during the reception. As per the usual, they are always blown away by this unexpected surprise!

Rebecca & Kevin’s day wouldn’t have been so effortless without the amazing team that they brought together including Sophia from the Special Day (awesome coordinator), Kristi Klemens (fabulous photographer), Mille Fiore (super gorg flowers), and Peter (to spin the tunes). Thanks for allowing us to be part of the fun guys! Now off to ebay to sell your autograph…

Sara and Andrew were totally a blast to work with! They’ve been together for 13 years (high school sweethearts!) and this super fun song is very personal to them- they rocked it out of the park! They had 2 ceremonies – one Coptic, then a Persian ceremony (check out the gorgeous sofreh) at the Ritz-Carlton, Laguna Niguel.  Everyone had a great time partying it up ’til 1 AM! A huge thanks to Alicia with Details Details for coordinating a seamless day and the fabulous Samuel Lippke for being so awesome to work with! And now for another Elysium Productions Rock ‘n Roll Same Day Edit:



This week I have 2 more SDE’s to blog besides this one!  Stay tuned!

As you all know by now, Elysium can pretty much do anything and adapt to any style.  In other words, our goal is always to create films that reflect the personality of the couple.  This one is no exception!  Danielle & Web decided to get married in Cabo… just the two of them… and then hold a great party for their friends afterwards in Vegas!  For the day of the party, they hired us to film a music video for them throughout the day (and one take at the welcome dinner the night before) in order to produce one of our “Rock n Roll Same Day Edits”.  The guests were delighted to see the end result displayed on two giant screens towards the end of dinner.  So fun!

On another note, I wanted to thank Tory L. Cooper for doing a fabulous job planning!  She’s so fun and just awesome in general.  The reception took place at the Mandarin Oriental at City Center in Vegas.  Gorgeous hotel… especially the gold wall… love it!  We were able to work with J&J Photography again.  Love those ladies.  All in all, it was a total blast!!