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So this wedding was a non-stop party – hence the title smile emoticon You might recognize the groom. He’s only the starting QB of the Detroit Lions . Kelly and Matt have an awesome love story and they are two of the most genuine and down to earth people we’ve ever worked with. The best part… they are so utterly in love and their wedding was an incredible celebration to honor that! More from the bride:

“Matthew and I met while he was in the middle of two-a-days for football and I was a new freshman there for two-a-days for cheerleading at the university of georgia. We went with a group to a movie and afterwards all decided to head back to the athletic dorms to hang out. Matthew and I stayed up talking that entire night. He was intelligent which is what drew me towards him. He had so much going for him, but yet was shy and humble which I believe is what drew me even closer. We remained friends for some time and then decided to commit to a real relationship. We spent the rest of his college career falling in love with each other. He moved to Michigan and we did long distance for a year and a half which was a huge test for us. He then asked me to move in with him up in Michigan. It was a huge step, leaving everything I knew and loved behind, but I felt like my heart was telling me he was worth it. I have never looked back. We have lived together for four years now and i feel like i know everything about this man and I fall deeper in love with him every day. I don’t go a day without him making me laugh”


A Gatsby inspired wedding in Napa? Yes please. Katya & Colin’s wedding was definitely unique, definitely fun, and definitely gorgeous. And to top it all off were lucky enough to work with a fantastic team: Lovely Little Details, Tec Petaja, and Paula LeDuc fine catering at one of our favorite Napa venues, Beaulieu Garden. More from the bride:

“Our vision for the wedding is Art Deco Garden. We were influenced by the recent release of Baz Luhrmann’s “The Great Gatsby”. We loved the extraordinary party scenes and all the glitz and glamour but, more so, we loved the unwavering love and devotion Jay Gatsby had for Daisy. We tried to show this romantic feel through the white elegance of flowers and feminine lace of the reception tables while saving the more bold gold Art Deco roaring 20’s vibe for the party and cocktails!”

There were so many fantastic moments from this wedding that it was so hard to pack everything into this highlights film! Enjoy!

The Team:

Venue:  Beaulieu Garden
Planner/Designer:  Lovely Little Details
Photographer: Tec Petaja
Cuisine: Paula LeDuc
Cinematography:  Elysium Productions

This wedding almost didn’t happen because Lizzie (and several other guests) got incredibly ill the night before the wedding (food poisoning I believe!!)  All I can say is if this was me, I would have called it all off and stayed in bed but she powered through the day.  Just goes to show you that love conquers all!   More about the couple and their day from the bride:

“We met randomly in a taco place in San Francisco almost three years ago. Keith had the guts to strike up a conversation with me as I was sitting with my best friend having dinner after spending a Saturday watching football with friends. Four hours later we closed the place down and met the next night for a real date. Turns out we had multiple friends in common but we were both happy to have met on our own terms. Keith had just moved into the city from Grad School and I had lived here for a couple of years. Being from the area, one of the fun things about when we first started dating was getting to explore the city and show Keith why I loved living here so much. We explored most of Northern California together, going to West Marin for oysters, Healdsburg for wine tasting and Lake Tahoe for skiing in the winter and hiking, biking and lake activities in the summer. I think a big moment for us was a trip we took together last summer to Europe. After spending several days with my family in Italy, the two of us spent a week in Paris together. We rented a little apartment and settled right into Parisian life. I think everyone can attest that traveling with someone tells you a lot about who they are. It might have while we were sitting at a café enjoying our pain au chocolats and espressos or while we were strolling on the Pont des Arts bridge but I think we both realized on that trip that we were in it for the long haul. Keith proposed last December on a weekend trip to Carmel and I can’t believe I got to marry him.

When deciding on where to get married, it was hard for us to pass on the opportunity to have it at my parent’s house in Tahoe. It has become a place where we spend almost all of our holiday weekends and birthdays and any other time we can get out of the city and it has become very special to us both. The thought of getting to share this place with Keith’s family and friends from the East Coast got us very excited and thinking about how it was going to become even more of a special place to us if we could get married right in the backyard convinced us that this was our spot. Since this was going to be somewhat of a destination wedding we knew we were going to need some help. After doing some diligence and meeting with a few wedding planners, we chose Melissa Panico from MAP Events to help. She has a ton of experience pulling off some great wine country weddings and knew exactly what vendors we could use locally and what we should bring in. From there, we really relied on Melissa’s recommendations for the majority of our vendors. Tracy Radeff from Radeff Design Studios was one of the only vendors that we were set on having be a part of our wedding. Tracy assisted with my sister’s wine country wedding nine years ago and we knew she had impeccable taste and was fantastic to work with. Additionally, Tracy and Melissa had worked on several events in the past so we knew we really had the dream team. Tracy and Melissa were essential in our wedding planning process and made it such a joy to plan that I’m almost getting sad that it’s almost over! We are beyond excited that our wedding day is almost here and can’t wait to see all the hard work in action. We really had the best team helping with our wedding and we wouldn’t have asked for it any other way.”

The Team:

Wedding Planner:  Melissa from MAP Events
Photographer:  Catherine Hall
Venue:  Private Residence
Floral Designer:  Radeff Design Studio
Hair & Makeup:  TEAM Hair & Makeup

Couldn’t be more thrilled to share this Highlights film from a super sweet wedding we filmed at the Four Seasons Santa Barbara! Joy & Steven were a dream to work with and their love is infectious! From the bride:

“We met during our medical training at Texas Tech University in Lubbock, Texas. Steven was in the middle of his surgery residency, and I was a second-year pediatrics resident. We were caring for the same patient in the Pediatric ICU, and my attraction began when Steven gave me the most thoughtful care package one evening during an arduous call shift. Steven knew I had been battling a head cold, so imagine how touched I was when I opened the bag to find a Theraflu, a honey bear, cough drops and a cozy fleece blanket. We soon had our first date, and the chemistry was undeniable. Steven’s thoughtfulness, sincerity and dry humor were what initially attracted me. He would say he appreciated my honesty – that I tended to wear my heart on my sleeve and always say whatever is on my mind. After two years, our training lead to an inevitable long-distance relationship. Steven’s adventure took him to Vanderbilt University in Nashville TN for additional training in Trauma and Acute Care Surgery. I attended the University of Texas at Houston for a three year fellowship in Neonatology. Our love deepened despite three years of our relationship being “geographically challenged.” On New Years Eve 2012, I walked into Steven’s Nashville apartment to find dozens of candles and red rose petals scattered everywhere. Music played softly while my eyes fixed on a tiny blue box in the middle of the couch. Steven proposed and whisked me away to an exclusive Nashville restaurant where my parents sat at the table, waiting to share our celebration. We’re happy to be finally living in the same zip code again, and we can’t wait for our wedding celebration at The Four Seasons The Biltmore in Santa Barbara.

Steven spent many of his formative years growing up between LA and Santa Barbara (thus the SoCA beach location).  The Four Seasons Biltmore is famous from an era in the 50s in which movie stars would travel up the coast to the Montecito enclave to escape the Hollywood scene.  The pool and decor is classic SoCA, and channels the crisp retro look of the “Mad Men” era.  My dress and Valentino Jewelery Couture Jewel-Bowed shoes are an homage to the elegance of the 50s “Mad Men” era, and the swish of the layered silk organza reminds me of the ocean.  The groomsmen’s gifts include Randolf Engineering aviator sunglasses, in keeping with the Mad Men theme.  Steven’s exquisitely tailored Tom Ford Midnight Blue tuxedo is part James Bond (the Daniel Craig trilogy, of course) mixed with the whimsical soul of Justin Timberlake (music that Steven and I both enjoy together).”

The Team:

Venue:  Four Seasons Santa Barbara
Photographers:  Gavin & Erin Wade
Officiant:  Rev. Clint Hufft
Cake:  Sweet & Saucy Shop
Floral Designer: Heavenly Blooms
DJ:  Vive Inc