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This wedding was a dream.  The main message of their film is LOVE. Melissa & Bob are meant to be together and we were so honored to be part of their gorgeous wedding.  I’ve known Melissa & her family for years… ever since we filmed her sister’s wedding a few years ago and then we were able to reconnect at Meredith’s wedding back in December.  I was soooo excited when they chose Pelican Hill for their wedding – a destination wedding for these New Yorkers – and even MORE excited that they opted for an outdoor dinner.  I mean… seriously gorgeous.   White lilac basically knocked it out of the park.  I love when clients become friends and I cannot wait to see what the future holds for these two.  XOXO Melissa & Bob!!

The Team:

Venue: The Resort at Pelican Hill
Wedding Planner:  Alicia from Details Details
Event Design/Production:  White Lilac
Photographer:  Susan Stripling
Cinematographer:  Elysium Productions

If you’ve been following our work for awhile, you know that Los Cabos, Mexico is a very very special place to us.  Not only is it one of our favorite vacation spots, but it’s one of the most stunning locations for destination weddings.  Most of all, we feel at home there.  We have very close friends who are near and dear to us, and the people of Los Cabos are friendly and welcoming.

It was very important to us to share this particular highlights as soon as possible so you all can see just how special this place is. Kate and Ron held their incredible four day destination wedding at Cabo Surf Hotel… about one month before Hurricane Odile.  Right now Los Cabos is working hard to get back to normal.  Everyone I’ve talked to is working their tail off not because they have to, but because they WANT TO.  They love their city, neighborhood, etc. and they would never leave (even though they could!)  The resorts are slowly getting back to running again (some have already re-opened with the rest re-opening in the next couple of months) so I am confident that Cabo will be EVEN BETTER in future visits. I cannot wait to go back!!

If you would like to help the recovery effort, please take some time to follow the links to these options that are hand-picked by our friends there.  Your donations will go DIRECTLY to the people in need!


Venue:  Cabo Surf Hotel
Wedding Planners/Designers:  Signature Events
Photography:  Lovebirds + Lace
Soundtrack:  “Spring” by Sound the Ocean // licensed through

Y’all have to check out this incredibly gorgeous wedding in one of our favorite places to film…  Aspen, Colorado.  We were so lucky to work with Virginia from Bluebird Productions who pulled off this incredibly gorgeous party!  I mean the setting itself is amazing (Aspen weddings rule) but then the tent and the mirrored escort card display, etc is just eye candy.  The weather was fabulous and it was such a fun time working with this couple!  Congrats Kyle & Sage!!


Wedding Planner:  Bluebird Productions
Venue:  Merry-Go Round Ranch, Aspen
Photographer:  Bryce Covey
Cinematography:  Elysium Productions

Yes… Samantha meets Sam and the fairytale begins!  We were so excited to work with Jacin from Lovely Little Details on this one and especially to shoot more 16mm film!  (ps.  Austin is a pretty rad city!) Oh and check out the Bride’s amazing Style Blog:  The Peak of Tres Chic

From the Bride:

​Labor Day 2011 is where it all began. I (Girl Sam) was enjoying a “staycation” with girlfriends at Hotel Zaza in Houston, TX. On Labor Day Monday, around 3 pm, my girlfriends and I thought we would catch the last few hours of sun before ending their weekend. Meanwhile, boy Sam had just landed in Houston from Australia to begin a new job at Macquarie Energy the following day. His apartment wasn’t quite ready, so he decided to shack up at Hotel Zaza for a few days. Jet lagged, all he wanted to do was go to sleep. But he wanted to get his body clock on track for his new job, so he decided to go lounge by the hotel pool.

When Sam walked out to the pool to look for a lounge chair, I spotted him from afar and thought he was very attractive. Fatefully, the only available lounge chair poolside with any sun exposure was right next to me. He hesitantly sat down, and then began to strike up casual conversation with me. Being new to town, Sam didn’t even have a cell phone at this point. After an hour or so of chatting, he asked me to write down my phone number on a spare scrap of paper. I have horrible handwriting, so Sam misread the number when trying to get in contact with me and texted the wrong person! Thinking he had been blown off, he was embarrassed. But, he managed to track her down via good ol’ Facebook, thanks to the fact that I wrote my first AND last name down when sharing my phone number. Of course I was stoked when added me on Facebook only 7 hours after meeting (isn’t modern technology great?!). We talked on the phone a few times, and then Sam asked me out on a proper date a few weeks later. We went to a sushi spot in Midtown Houston, and I was sold when Sam let it slip over edamame and sake that he was an ‘old-fashioned romantic.’

Who would have thought a girl from Oklahoma and a boy from Sydney, Australia would end up finding each other? Having had his palm read at an 8 year-old friend’s birthday party, Sam was told he would one day marry a girl from a foreign country. I had traveled to Sydney before with my family and fell in love with the city instantly. Maybe it wasn’t so far-fetched, then, that we would find each other eventually. Having fallen in love in Texas, a place neither of us are natives of, set the scene for a beautiful proposal a year and a half after we met.

The Proposal:

On a Sunday in May 2013, I was excited to meet Sam for dinner at Torchy’s Tacos- one of our favorite Houston taco joints. After eating, we decided to go back to my house to relax and watch a movie. Having taken separate cars to the restaurant, I was kind of confused when Sam literally ran from dinner to his car and sped off. Nonetheless, I took my time getting home. When I walked up the stairs to our living room, I was surprised to see beautiful tea candles and rose petals leading up my spiral staircase. I followed the trail up all 5 flights of stairs to the roof-top patio. When I walked out on to the patio, Sam was standing there waiting for me, surrounded by more rose petals and candles. He started to tell me how much he had fallen in love with me and why he wanted to continue our life together as a married couple. He explained to me that he picked my rooftop patio to propose because it overlooked downtown Houston, the city we had fallen in love in. Although we are from 2 very different places, fate had led us to Texas to meet.

It only makes sense, then, that we chose Texas as the place where we would unite our two families.. A place we have both fallen in love with, along with each other.

The Team:

Venue:  Green Pastures Restaurant
Floral Designer/Planner:  Lovely Little Details
Photographer: The Nichols
Hair: Katie Sullivan at Azur West Salon
Makeup: Kristin Daniell
Bride getting ready location: Hotel St. Cecilia