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This wedding was a dream.  The main message of their film is LOVE. Melissa & Bob are meant to be together and we were so honored to be part of their gorgeous wedding.  I’ve known Melissa & her family for years… ever since we filmed her sister’s wedding a few years ago and then we were able to reconnect at Meredith’s wedding back in December.  I was soooo excited when they chose Pelican Hill for their wedding – a destination wedding for these New Yorkers – and even MORE excited that they opted for an outdoor dinner.  I mean… seriously gorgeous.   White lilac basically knocked it out of the park.  I love when clients become friends and I cannot wait to see what the future holds for these two.  XOXO Melissa & Bob!!

The Team:

Venue: The Resort at Pelican Hill
Wedding Planner:  Alicia from Details Details
Event Design/Production:  White Lilac
Photographer:  Susan Stripling
Cinematographer:  Elysium Productions

Talk about a fun and fantastic couple!!!  Absolutely adore these two :)

From the bride:

“When we met.. I knew “love at first sight” actually existed… Our first date (a local sushi spot) was so amazing. I don’t really
remember the food.. Just my amazing date. Sitting to my right. Every time i looked at him, I had trouble not grinning, giggling
and turning bright red. I just felt so safe and happy all at once. Randy makes me feel like this all the time, it’s hard to remember
feeling any other way. He kept smiling too.. I remember thinking is it possible he understood and felt the exact same way? So
surreal and awesome! Our first date lasted 3 weeks, until I had to leave town for a family event, and then, 4 days later, our date
continued. We have so many laughs, so many inside jokes, he is my soul mate. We dance, play, drag race, “feast”, party,
workout, travel, love our rescues… All while smiling and laughing together. The perfect man for me, I couldn’t imagine it was
real – he is real!! And I’m so excited he wants to spend his life with me too- I feel so lucky! 

I wanted a fairy tale wedding -dripping in sparkles and pink. I knew it HAD to be at the Montage. But most importantly, Randy and I love to dance and we love energy — so that is what we wanted in our wedding. We wanted to feel like it was a huge party for everyone, with tons of dancing, laughter and fun. I personally am very high energy and Randy balances me out -he is calm and relaxes me, but can party with the best of them! I wanted a planner for our wedding to be kind of like Randy – calming but still really fun. I knew I would be spending a lot of time with my planner and I needed that type of energy around me. Paula was that for me – a true delight that relaxed me but still had the excitement I wanted to see. Paula introduced me to her vendors of choice, based on our discussions and I really clicked with them (I knew that if Paula liked them, I probably would too!)”

The Team:

Venue:  Montage Laguna Beach
Wedding Planner:  Paula Laskelle
Photographer  Marianne Lozano
Cinematographer:  Elysium Productions
Floral Designer:  Nisie’s Enchanted Florist
Hair & Makeup:  Design Visage
Band:  West Coast Music – James Gang

soundtrack: “minutes from somewhere” by moonlit sailor // licensed through themusicbed

It’s always so special to work with the same family. We filmed Alyssa’s Sister’s wedding a few years ago so we were so excited to be back for her & Nick’s! The decor on this one was pretty insane. Alyssa was inspired by a garden she saw in Italy so Jeannie from Details Details & Nisie’s Enchanted Florist made it happen on the beautiful Terranea lawn as well as the ballroom. Thank you Alyssa & Nick for allowing us to be a part of your amazing day! Check out their Same Day Edit!

The Team:

Venue: Terranea
Wedding Planner: Jeannie from Details Details
Photographer: Victor Sizemore
Floral Designer: Nisie’s Enchanted Florist
Cinematography:  Elysium Productions

Christine & Joe are simply the best.  LOVED working with this awesome couple!!  Enjoy their SDE!

From the Bride:

“Joe and I met at Pepperdine University during our freshman year. I always say it was fate that brought us together because our paths kept crossing in strange ways throughout our four years there. Our freshman dorms were right next to each other and we met during the first few days of school. We barely talked to one another but a few friendly “hellos” were exchanged. Sophomore year we both chose to study abroad in Lausanne, Switzerland together, but despite our daily French class and our weekends traveling we were just classmates, nothing more. It was not until senior year that I was heading to class in the business building where I saw Joe sitting alone. There were no open tables so I decided to ask if I could study with him. We hit it off and a first date turned into three, and the next thing I knew our senior policy professor was joking in class that we were going to be “Policy wedding number 31”. (Dr. Seshan is attending our wedding!) I knew he was the one when my dad met him at graduation and told me he just met the man I was going to marry. Shortly after graduation, Joe moved to New York City where I shortly followed and we fell in love in the Big Apple. A little over a year later, we decided to move back to Joe’s hometown in Orange County, California where we currently live. In February 2013, we went on a ski trip to Vail, Colorado where Joe had a surprise proposal planned. It was so romantic; he lined an empty ice rink with roses and candles, and it just started to snow as I was walking over. Joe was waiting in the middle of the rink where he asked me to marry him and when I said yes, the spectators watching from around the rink cheered! It was truly a magical moment.”

the TEAM!

Venue:  The Grand Del Mar
Photographer:  Victor Sizemore
Band:  West Coast Music’s James Gang
Shaving Salon: Sterlings Mobile Salon and Barber Co.
Wedding Planner: Victoria Schroeder

Kelly & Tan, together with their wedding planner Carolyn Chen, created a totally gorgeous wedding and celebration!  The best part?  They even had a full-on choir and orchestra (50 piece!) to make their ceremony that much more dramatic.  The groom actually wrote and arranged the pieces!  So cool!!  I will probably blog this later but for now, thought I’d share their Same Day Edit.  Enjoy!!!

Venue:  Montage Beverly Hills
Wedding Planner:  Carolyn Chen
Floral Designer: Nisie’s Enchanted Florist
Hair & Makeup:  Joyce Luck Style
Cinematography: Elysium Productions
Gown Designer: Vera Wang
Photographer:  Samuel Lippke
Band:  Midnight Special from West Coast Music