It’s no secret that this is one of our favorite venues on the planet!  What a beautiful wedding!

“Nikki and I met almost 6 years ago, and instantly had a connection. From our first date in New York City (even though we both lived in Los Angeles) to introducing Nikki to my 3 young children, we have be inseparable through it all. We are so excited and feel blessed to finally making the union official… And of course it needed to be a destination… So Cabo it is!”


The Team:

Venue: One & Only Palmilla
Floral Designer: Elena Damy
Photographer: Chris & Lynn

How cool would it be to not only get married in the same location as your parents, but also your grandparents’ house that just happened to be designed by your grandfather?  Ya.  We thought so.

They met while both working at AOL – Sammi wasn’t used to be challenged and Rob got under her skin right away. After about a year of working together and being friends first, with feelings becoming more and more obvious, we decided to “give it a try”, “do it right”, and “take it slow.” Our first date was a Knicks game, our second date was brunch at ABC Kitchen in New York City…and we pretty much haven’t spent a day we are both in town separate ever since.

Rob nailed the proposal. Sammi isn’t an easy person to surprise, but while she was focused on planning her dad’s 60th birthday party last August 22nd, 2015 at her parents’ beach house in Dewey Beach, DE Rob was working on plans of his own. As family and best friends were starting to come into town for the birthday weekend, that Friday (August 21st, 2015), Rob asked Sammi to go for a beach walk before all of the weekend craziness started. After walking down the beach for a little, Sammi announced she had to go to the bathroom so could they turn around…thinking on his feet, Rob lead Sammi up the beach before saying what he had been planning to say and pulling out the ring box from his bathing suit pocket. We got to share that amazing memory in private just the two of us, and then when we finally walked back to where we had left our stuff on the beach there was a big crowd of all Sammi’s family and Rob’s parents had come in for the surprise. That night ended up being the best family engagement party. The proposal overall could not have been more “us” – still in bathing suits, straight out of ocean, on the beach, and the combination of getting our private moment but then celebrating with our family and friends.

The Team:

Venue: Private Residence
Planner: True Event
Photographer: Leila Brewster
Floral Designer: Hana Floral

“We met in the summer of 2012 when Leigh was moving into her new apartment in Stamford, CT just two doors down. I was out on my back patio relaxing in the afternoon breeze with some lemonade and my golden retriever Dexter, when out of nowhere a brooding beast of a dog came jumping into the common area and then sprinted over to meet who would eventually become his best friend. Leigh had adopted Boomer the gentle giant while attending college in Kentucky and if it weren’t for his 4 foot vertical and enthusiasm to immediately own the inner courtyard of our apartment building, Leigh and I may have never met.

Leigh and I hit it off immediately and she knew she’d found someone special when I showed up with a bottle of Yellowtail Merlot to one of our first dates. The label had a kangaroo which for all intent and purposes was a good sign of quality. She was gentle in her explanation about not judging a bottle of wine by it’s label, and I knew I’d found someone special. That summer we spent time together going to concerts and Yankees games in NYC, boating around on the long island sound and eating at every great restaurant we could find. We both love to travel and have been all over the world together, from Bermuda to the French Alps. In the summer of 2015 Leigh finally decided to venture in the woods and go “camping” with me, and I ended up proposing during this camping trip at a beautiful luxury spa with trees surrounding it in northern Vermont.

We are so happy to be getting married and feel incredibly lucky to have found each other and that our dogs agreed to support us on this crazy adventure.” – Darren

The Team:

Venue: Belle Haven Yacht Club
Planner: Stella Day Events
Photographer: Glen Allsop for Christian Oth
Floral Designer: Winston Flowers

Megan & Garrett planned an outdoor ceremony and tented reception on gorgeous Bourne Farm in Cape Cod. What did they do to ensure it wouldn’t rain on their wedding day???  They buried a bottle of bourbon onsite a week before.  I guess this is a southern tradition – and it worked!  They dug the bottle up the morning of the wedding and were blessed with a gorgeous New England day.  I absolutely love this couple and I know you will too.  Here is more about these two and their wedding story:

From Garrett: We first met in 2009 at 2pm in a dive bar in the West Village in Mahnattan on Valentine’s Day. I was a 1L at NYU Law, and Garrett was visiting his college friend who lived in Hoboken, NJ. When my friends and I walked into the bar, there were five other patrons: two uniformed sailors playing beer pong and three sad-looking guys in a booth. My two friends beelined for the sailors and I sat down with the guys in the booth who, to her great fortune, included Garrett. I roped them into a conversation and immediately started to crush on Garrett, who was totally not my type–wearing glasses and living at home with his mom. My crush got deeper, though, when Garrett explained that he was living at home to help his mom gut-renovate her brand new house and he worked full days over an hour away, commuting for several hours to make sure he could help his mom create her dream home. I was slightly burned when his friend told me (upon Garrett’s exit to go order another round) that Garrett was in a relationship with a girl who was studying abroad at the time. After we met, I accepted that he had a girlfriend, but I called him “Cape Cod Boy” and talked about him to my friends as someone who reminded me of the kind of guy I would want to date.

From Megan: After we met, we exchanged contact information, but didn’t see each other again until 2011. The night before Hoboken St. Patrick’s Day (a big day party across the Hudson on a Saturday) in March 2011, I was editing a law review article at NYU and my friends and I started discussing where we would go in Hoboken in the morning, since we had never been there. I saw that Gar had posted on Facebook that he was going to Hoboken to see his friends, and I joked with my friends that I should reach out to him. My friend reminded me that the worst that could happen is that Gar would “unfriend” me – so I messaged him! We “re-met” at a St. Patrick’s Day party hosted by a friend of Garrett’s and kissed that night, and we tarted dating long distance (Boston and New York) shortly after. By November of the same year, Garrett had moved to New York City to live with me and work at Google. It was fast, but we figured it would either go really well or really poorly–and either way, we’d know really quickly. Since then, we’ve had the opportunity to explore the world together, moving to Nashville and then LA, with amazing trips and experiences in between.

We wanted our wedding to be a celebration not just of our love, but also of the love and support we’re lucky enough to receive from our family and friends. Our theme of the wedding wasn’t anything to do with any color or anything like –our theme was “warm and inclusive,” because we wanted the wedding, and the days leading up to it, to feel warm, welcoming, and inclusive, which is why we planned open houses and cocktail celebrations every day from the Wednesday before right up to the Sunday after. This was a chance for us to join together as a couple and also be together with so many of the people that we love–we didn’t want to miss a single opportunity to spend time with everyone.

The Dream Team:

Venue: Bourne Farm
Wedding Planner:  True Event
Floral Designer: Hana Floral
Photographer: Leila Brewster
Gown Designer: Anne Barge

These two decided to hold their destination wedding in one of our favorite locations in California and it did not disappoint!  First, the light that day was insanely beautiful but on top of that, the night featured a super moon!  The dinner area at the Firestone Vineyard is laden with windows and has one side completely open so guests can go mingle outside.  With the beautiful moonlight and the super pretty decor and cafe lights set up outside, it made for a beautiful evening atmosphere!  Just watch the magic:

Venue:  Firestone Vineyard
Planner/Designer:  Francesca Events
Photographer: Samuel Lippke