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Jess & Kage decided at the last minute to hire us and wow… we are SO GLAD they did.  This wedding was MADE for memories.  And ones that could only be documented on film.  You see, Jess & Kage are high school sweethearts.  They are so in love… it’s infectious.  Not only did most of the guests and family already know each other due to this couple’s long history, but the couple also decided to write letters to each other and have them read by their aunts during the ceremony.  TEARS!  (Oh and it was super beautiful of course!)


The Team:

Venue: Private Estate
Planner/Designer: Laurie Arons
Floral Designer: Kathleen Deery Designs
Photographer: Eric Kelly

From the Groom:

“Natalie and I met at SMU. It was after a business class where I found the opportunity to meet Natalie by rudely interrupting a conversation she was having with her friends. I fell in love with Natalie no more than a few weeks later, where after a minor surgery she brought lunch over to my house while I was recovering.

We wanted a wedding that was on the beach, but also modern and chic. Las Ventanas was the perfect choice. We have trusted Claudia Palma to execute the wedding of our dreams and know that each of her choices will be the right one.”


The Team:

Venue: Las Ventanas
Photographer: Chris + Lynn

From the Bride:

“Eric and I met while studying abroad in Rome our Junior year of college. The first week of classes, his roommates invited me and some other girls in our program over to cook a big Italian dinner and we were instantly attracted to each other. I remember every night we were out with friends from our program, I’d be hoping for him to show up. The more time we spent together, often sipping wine on his apartment terrace, dancing all night with friends, or flirting in class, we both both realized we didn’t want things to end in Rome. We continued dating our Senior year (I went to Penn State, he went to Franklin & Marshall 2 hours away), taking turns surprising each other on the weekends. After college we both moved to NYC and six years later we got engaged! Finally ;)

The most important thing to us throughout the wedding planning process was to make sure it would be a weekend that our family and friends could truly enjoy. Eric and I both wanted an outdoor ceremony followed by a tented reception by the water. After we visited the Ocean House, we knew right away it would be the perfect destination. My parents had gone their several times for their anniversary and Eric and I both always had it in the back of our heads that it would be the most amazing place to get married. The views were absolutely stunning! I work for The Knot, so the rest of details seemed to fall into place. We had received so many great vendor recommendations and I had done A LOT of research.

We have no doubt it will be an incredible party but it’s also really important to us that the ceremony feel personal and special to who we are as a couple. We both decided early on that we would forgo the first look (there’s something about seeing each other for the first time walking down the aisle that we didn’t want to give up). We also agreed that we wanted to write our own vows…. even if we can ‘t get through them. ”


The Team:

Venue: Ocean House
Planner/Designer: Sarah True
Floral Designer: Natalie Bowen Designs
Photographer: Jason Walker, Ira Lippke Studios

From the Bride:

“Tarek and I met at yoga.
At our yoga studio, the teacher of the class of over one hundred yogis regularly begins class by asking students to introduce themselves to someone they don’t know to “shrink the world.” One day, Tarek and I were practicing close to each other and turned and said hello. That quick meet and greet eventually resulted in this marriage … and our expanding the world with our beautiful son, Eli!

That first meeting was just a brief “hello” and exchange of names, but after several weeks of flirting and chatting, I eventually invited him to a whiskey tasting party I was having at my house. He came, and basically never left. We quickly knew we were going to be together forever, and given our ages, we decided to try to start a family. We were lucky enough to get pregnant quickly, and our son Eli was born on October 27, 2015.  

e wanted to create an adult summer camp type of vibe — fun, energetic, and relaxed. Evergreen Lodge was the perfect place for such a vibe! We picked each of our vendors based on that idea of creating an organic and energetic feel.”


The Team:

Venue: Evergreen Lodge
Planner/Designer: Alison Events
Floral Designer: Natalie Bowen Designs
Photographer: Jesse Leake